Milkman Sound


One Watt

Variable power in a small package

5W Half Pint

Class A with Tube effects grab and go!

20W Creamer

The little Milkman that delivers

40W Pedal Steel Mini

Big steel tone in a lightweight package

50W Sideman

The ultimate workingman's amp.

85W Pedal Steel

The monster of Pedal Steel tone

300W Half and Half

Tube Preamp meets Class D Power

The Finest Possible Components

What does it mean to use the “finest possible” components in a guitar amplifier? 

A guitar amp should be built like good food is prepared - each individual ingredient must be special and flavorful in its own way. When they are all combined and working together, you can hear the difference.

Dovetail Jointed Cabinets

A solid pine cabinet dovetail jointed cabinet resonates like the body of an acoustic guitar. All Milkman amps use open back solid pine cabinets with dovetail jointing. The result is a gorgeous midrange sound which suits both electric and steel guitar. Solid Walnut and other hardwood cabinets are also available. 

NOS American Tubes

I recommend installing brand new boxed “new old stock” US made vacuum tubes in my amplifiers. They have the longest operating life, sound the best, and are certainly worth the extra expense compared to new production tubes. I always offer a choice between new Ruby Tubes and NOS tubes - the Chinese made Ruby branded tubes are the best current production tubes in my opinion and experience however, for an upcharge fee new in box vintage American tubes can be sourced.

Watts Turret Boards

I use an 1/8” thick piece of Garolite for all of my amps, with Watts double turrets. The strength of the garolite provides several advantages over the fiberboard that Fender® and other manufacturers use. The board will never warp over time causing damage to the components, it will never become conductive, and there are no hidden wires. Your future tech will thank you!

Allen Bradley Resistors

Carbon Composition resistors give a tube circuit extra magic. Their values drift over time giving each amp its own unique tone. I use Allen Bradley US made resistors because they were the same ones used in original Fender® amplifiers. They stand the test of time and sound the best.

Mercury Magnetics

The heart and soul of my amps are the transformers. Mercury transformers are custom made in the US. They use very high quality magnet wire to insure a long life, high heat resistance, and wonderful tone. Transformers are like guitar pickups - the better quality they are, the more you will hear the amp circuit.

Jupiter Condensers

These capacitors are hand rolled in Ohio the old fashioned way and the sound reflects the extra attention to detail the hand building process demands. I use the Red and Yellow series capacitors exclusively in my amps.

Vintage Mica "Domino" Capacitors

For the small value capacitors in the tone stack (and also in the reverb circuit) I use NOS Mica capacitors. New mica capacitors sound shrill compared to the old ones. Some amp manufacturers use ceramic or new production mica for the small value caps however I find that the old Domino style caps sound the smoothest.

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