Handwired Tube meets Class D Power


The 300W Half and Half is where the old technology meets the new technology. The preamp and reverb are very similar to all other Milkman amplifiers: hand wired onto a turret board with high plate voltage. That preamp section feeds into a Class D power module which scales the whole thing up to 300 watts. Its the most transparent and exciting sounding steel guitar amplifier on the market.  

Unlike other hybrid amplifiers, the tube portion of the Half and Half is designed and built like a vintage tube amplfier. Its not shoehorned into a circuitboard and running at low voltage. Tube amps need to be built a certain way to sound their best, be serviceable, and last into the ages. The Half and Half was designed with all of this in mind. 

Like all Milkman amplifiers, the Half and Half is built using the finest possible components onto a turret board, and is hand wired with cloth covered wire.


300W Class D 


15” Telonics Neo Speaker 4ohm


Tube driven spring reverb with dual knob control



15" Combo 19-7/8" W x 20" H x 10" D 31lbs


300W Pedal Steel Demo by Tim

Tim shows off the tone of the Half and Half




Bob Lee

Colverdale, CA


The amp sounds absolutely beautiful with my steel. I dialed in my basic tone on the MM with no effects. I noticed that I can get real loud and the tone doesn't seem to change at all. That's very different from the volume knob on most tube amps.

Jim Gennrich

Milwaukee, WI

I played my first job with it this last weekend, and was very pleased with the tone and extra volume without distortion. The light weight is welcomed for an old body. This is the best amp I have ever used.

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