The Monster of Clean Tone


The Milkman 85W Amplifier is the flagship of the Milkman line. It has unparalleled headroom, feel, and tone. Whether you are using it for steel guitar, or 6 string guitar, this amplifier is going to sing for you. Playing this amplifier is like fingerprinting with electricity. The responsiveness and clarity of your instrument will change the way you think about tone forever.

I originally designed this amplifier to use with my pedal steel guitar. I needed an amplifier to capture the full bandwith of the steel guitar. As it so happens, the amplifier became very popular with 6 string guitar players as well. It turns out a great steel guitar amplifier makes an incredible guitar amplifier!

The 85W is conservatively named. With a strong quad of 6L6 output tubes this amp can easily knock out 115W. Your brain will go into distortion before the amplifier does.

On top of the giant clean power supply and honey sweet EQ section there is a 3 knob tube reverb system. The added reverb controls allow for an enormous range of reverb sounds, and since the output of the amp is very clear and detailed, you can get into tone territory that is like an extension of your thoughts.

The 85W Pedal Steel Amplifier is hand wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers and Jupiter capacitors. The amp is available as a head, combo, or piggyback stack.


85W Class AB


12" Alnico Creamback, 8ohm (1x12 combo)

12" Milkman Speaker, 8ohm (1x12 combo)

12” Ceramic Jupiter Speakers, 8 ohm (2x12 Cabinet)

12” Alnico Jupiter Speakers, 8 ohm (2x12 Cabinet)

15” Telonics Neo Speaker, 4 ohm (1x15 combo)


Tube driven spring reverb with three knob control


Head 23-7/8" W x 10" H x 9" D 33lbs

1x12" Combo 23-7/8" W x 19-3/4" H x 9-1/2" D 44lbs

1x15" Combo 23-7/8" W x 19-3/4" H x 9-1/2" D 43lbs


85W Pedal Steel Demo - Demos in the Dark

85W Guitar demo




Greg Leisz

Los Angeles, CA

I'm digging the amp! I have been using your amp for steel on the Jackson Browne tour a lot

John Mayer

Somewhere in Montana

These amps sound great. And headroom for days!

Gibson Hartwell

Missoula, MT

Tim is a sonic artist in and out, you can hear it in his playing, and somehow he has managed to extend that tastefulness and artistry into the circuits of his amplifiers. He has produced an amp that sounds and feels familiar that all the while brings forward more punch, texture and overtones like you've never heard them before. Play one if you ever get the chance.

Feeling Creative?

Get this amp in a custom finish

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