Splash and Drip


The Milkman Reverb unit is designed around a full size 17" reverb tank driven by a 6V6 power tube. Controls for dwell blend and tone allow for you to craft subtle plate like reverb, or ride the springs hard for a splashy surfy dripping wet reverb experience 

The Reverb is designed for minimal noise, and operates at guitar level. Use this reverb before the input of your amplifier for a different type of reverb interaction than internal reverb gives. 

Dry signal path is extremely transparent. Thats the benefit of 100% tube circuitry operating at high voltage. 

Now available with Harmonic Tremolo


17" 2 spring reverb tank

Hand wired onto turret board

Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers

Inputs for 2 instruments

Output and Footswitch connections on rear panel

Available in all custom shop finishes


Reverb Unit with Harmonic Tremolo

Some unpolished noodling with the new thing. Its really fun!

Feeling Creative?

Get this amp in a custom finish

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