Power, Tone and Clarity on the Backline


The 30 watt Dairy Air was designed to be portable, versatile, and extremely simple. There is no reverb or tremolo option, which means I was able to fit a lot of power into a very small head cabinet. The idea is that if you travel by air, you can take this amplifier with you and use any speaker. Need a backline amp but don't like the tone? Take the lead from the internal speaker and plug it into your 30W head. Done. Take your tone with you!

The Dairy Air is built with the same high quality components as every other Milkman amplifier: Mercury Magnetics, Jupiter Capacitors, Carbon Composition Resistors - its all in there! I designed a custom aluminum chassis in order to make sure I could fit in all the best components. Every point is wired by hand, onto a custom made turret board, with cloth covered wire. Building an amp this way makes it very hard to damage, and very easy to service - you could bungee this thing to the outside of the airplane and still make your gig. (note: don't try that)

The Dairy Air has a matching speaker cabinet option, and it is available in any custom shop finish. The speaker cabinet is made out of pine, and is very light on its own. Even if you are not traveling by air, you will be traveling very light with this setup.


20W Class AB with 6V6

40W Class AB with 6L6


Outputs to power 4/8/16ohm speaker

Matching Cabinet: Jupiter Alnico or Ceramic magnet 12" Speaker, Celestion Alnico Cream 12" 


16-1/2" W x 8" H x 7-1/2" D 15lbs

Matching Cabinet: 19-7/8" W x 17" H x 10-1/2" D 23lbs


Josh Smith and the Dairy Air

Josh Smith shows off the Dairy Air through a 12" Jupiter Alnico 50W




Brent Williams

Easton, PA

The Dairy Air is an incredibly light weight amp that is built extremely well. The amp is very responsive and the controls are sensitive which allows you to dial in any tone you could want. The cleans on this amp are crystal clear and it takes pedals great. When the amp is pushed it gets a phenomenal over drive. Overall this is a fantastic amp.

Dennis Anderson

Granby, CT

Wow!! Just... Wow! This amp sounds incredible. Playing it through a Jupiter 12LC and the tone, responsiveness, clarity are just amazing. Well worth the money and exceeded my expectations. Thanks Tim for the dedication and passion you bring to your craft!

Brandon Young

Milpitas, CA

I LOVE my Dairy Air so far! Not only is it visually beautiful but it goes without saying the tones I'm getting sound absolutely beautiful as well. I'm sure you know this already but it takes pedals like an absolute champ! They just seem to melt into the DA and become part of the amp - I love it and that's just how I hoped it would respond.

Feeling Creative?

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