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The One Watt Plus amplifier adds more to the popular One Watt model. 

More Power: The One Watt Plus has a pair of 6V6 tubes running in parallel for 10 watts of clean power, and 18 watts of harmonically rich overdriven power. Onboard power scaling drops the amp from 10 watts down to 1 watt so you can get the grind at bedroom volume with no change in tone. 

More Speaker: Available as a 12" combo, the One Watt Plus can move as much or as little air as you want it to. A bigger cabinet translates into more overall power. The Jupiter small magnet ceramic is transparent with a scooped sound. Upgrade to a Celestion Alnico Blue, and this amplifier becomes a rock box with added midrange focus and punch. 

More Class: The One Watt Plus has true Class A, single ended design. Both 6V6 power tubes run in parallel for a very dynamic and touch sensitive playing experience rich with even order harmonics. 

Three speaker options help tailor the One Watt Plus to your unique style:

Celestion Greenback 12" is a transparent sounding speaker. Bright, Lively, and efficient. This speaker has a big bottom even at low volume. This speaker has very little breakup and does not color the amp when driven. 

Jupiter Alnico 12" has a classic American alnico magnet sound. A bit less transparent in the upper midrange, this speaker adds a "woody" tone. Its lively on top, and a bit more focused in the bass response than the Greenback. The speaker starts to break up and add alnico character as the amp is pushed. Its the most efficient of the 3 speaker options. 

VSOP Alnico 12" is warm, buttery smooth, and slightly less "loud" feeling than the other Alnico options. Its very good for getting the full tone from the amp without disruptive volume levels. 

Celestion Alnico Blue 12" takes the Pint in a different direction. This speaker is very mid forward with little midrange scoop. The top is bright, and the bass response is the tightest out of the three options. This speaker starts to break up when the amp is driven hard. When the amp is overdriven, the Blue is extremely reactive shedding low end and pushing the midrange further into the fun zone. 

Like all Milkman amplifiers, the One Watt is hand wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers and Jupiter Capacitors standard. It is built into a custom aluminum chassis and housed in a Pine cabinet. 


10W Class A 


12” 25W Celestion Greenback Speaker, 8 ohm

12” 50W Alnico Jupiter Speaker, 8 ohm

12" 30W Alnico VSOP Speaker, 8ohm

12" 15W Celestion Alnico Blue, 8ohm


Voltage Controlled Power Scaling


20" W x 16" H x 9-1/2" D 25lbs


One Watt Plus Demo by James DePrato

He had one guitar (ceramic speaker installed)




Randy Poteete

Fort Wayne, IN

The One Watt Plus is what I've been after for years. That perfect in between wattage for home or even a small gig. Great cleans. Smooth creamy overdrive. Touch sensitive with a very interactive EQ. This has become my main grab and go jam/small club amp.

Jonathan Schwartz

Tucson, AZ

Amp performed beautifully last night. After 5 years of doing this gig, I finally got it right. The sounds guys didn't get pissed at me even once. Sounded great on stage and fantastic in the mix. Best of all, it had to right feel and feedback to help me create.

Blaine Billingsley

San Francisco, CA

This amp is meaner and screamier than most amps double its size. Killer look, awesome sound. This puppy is a rocker!

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