40 watts of glorious clean tone


The TV40 is the first in a new series of "Top Loading" Milkman amplifiers in TV Front cabinets

Boasting 40 watts from a pair of 6L6 power tubes, the TV 40 has massive cleans and headroom. There is an internal 3 knob reverb system for dialing in a wide variety of reverb tones. 

The TV40 is based on my popular 40W Pedal Steel Mini circuit, however it has been redesigned into a larger cabinet with an 8ohm output to increase the speaker and layout options. This amplifier can be ordered in all of the custom shop finishes (including solid woods) and also as a 1x15 or 2x10 combo. 

The preamp has controls for volume, treble, midrange and bass as well as a bright switch for low volume fidelity. This is a single channel amplifier with inputs for two instruments. The TV40 has a 5AR4 rectifier tube and like all Milkman amplifiers is hand wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers and Jupiter Capacitors standard. It is built into a custom aluminum chassis and housed in a Pine cabinet. 



40W Class AB


12” Jupiter Ceramic, 8 ohm

12" Jupiter Alnico, 8ohm

12" Celestion Alnico Cream, 8ohm

2 x 10" Celestion Greenback (16ohm x 2)

15" Jupiter Alnico, 8ohm


3 knob reverb system


22" W x 20" H x 10-1/2" D 38lbs


TV 40 Demo by James DePrato

The new TV Front 40W Milkman



Feeling Creative?

Get this amp in a custom finish

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